AUTOGENE                   2013   //   the new 3 album box   // 

Volume 1 Autogene

When a stressful day ends, when the hectic hours rush by without perceiving them consciously, when the days become shorter and colder and your body and soul are uptight, then it’s time to take time for yourself.

Autogene helps to switch off everyday life and bleak moments. Let yourself fall! Autogene is relaxing, yet dynamic enough to enliven your senses and to focus on them. The album offers melodies which are lively and yet invite you to enter a world of carelessness. You are the center – free and positive.

Autogene is from the series Interstellaro and is one of three relaxation albums. The series is an accomplished combination of modern and traditional sounds. The melodies are active as well as suitable for a conscious meditation for releasing your soul completely.

Each album has its own charme and an individual touch.

Apart from Autogene you can order these albums from Interstellaro: From Goa to Bali (Vol 2)

and Long Sleep (Vol 3).

Volume 2 From Goa to Bali         

Close your eyes, feel the soft sand under your feet and the warm ray of sun on your skin, watch the haze and width of the sea. Sitting upright you feel the power in your body – while meditating, while relaxing, while inhaling deep, enjoymening consciousness.
From Goa to Bali – melodies that are as versatile as these two places. On one hand the severity of meditation and the mysterious touch of spirit, on the other hand the ease of living and the awareness of the here and now.
From Goa to Bali awakes the power in yourself. It is an album for those who want to be in a meditative relaxation away from daily routine and to refuel their energy in a musical positive (Hindu) world.

Volume 3 Long Sleep         

Complete relaxation of your body, the mind is free to wander. The body gets heavier, a dream takes you by the hand and carries you away. Is there anything better than relaxing and falling asleep?
Long Sleep – the album for those who find their meditation in their phantasy and their dreams. The harmonious sounds invade your consciousness and give you silence and space – close your eyes, lie down comfortably and be inspired by the sounds of peace and relaxation.



     2018   //   THE NEW ALBUM   // 

                     // OCEAN EYES //


                             - ambient and chillout


       NEW ELECTRONIC SENSIBILITY & Autogenic training


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